Oral Cancer Screenings in Phoenix, AZ

Oral Cancer Screenings in Phoenix, AZ

All Smiles Dental Care offers oral cancer screenings to our Phoenix patients. When oral cancer is detected early is it very treatable, therefore we highly recommend these screenings to all patients as a precaution, and even more so to those who know they are at a higher risk of developing the disease. Since catching oral cancer in its early stages is key, All Smiles makes sure to use only the most advanced technology to detect oral cancer, with the overall goal of improving our patients’ quality of life.

Understanding Oral Cancer

At least one percent of all men and women in the United States will receive an oral cancer diagnosis at some point in their lives. Adults aged 55 and up are most likely to develop the disease, and this type of cancer is most prevalent in men rather than in women.

Oral cancer often starts in the cells that line the inner surface of the mouth and lips. However, malignant cells may also be found on the gums and tongue. Discolored tissue and sores in the mouth are early signs of the disease. Left untreated it can spread from the oral cavity to the lymph nodes, neck, head and throughout the whole body.

Close to 50,000 people in America are diagnosed with oral cancer annually and the disease shortens the life of almost 10,000 Americans each year.

High-Risk Factors for Oral Cancer

The All Smiles Dental Care patients who are more susceptible to oral cancer include:

  • Heavy drinkers
  • Patients with a family history of oral cancer
  • People exposed to direct sunlight over long periods of time
  • People who neglect to use sunscreen
  • Smokers and tobacco users
  • Those with Human Papilloma Virus (HPV16)

Our dental team is trained in a quick, simple screening that involves an examination of your entire mouth, to detect cancerous and precancerous tissues. In addition to a visual examination of your oral cavity, we will feel the tissue of your mouth and throat as well to detect any abnormalities. Any problem areas may require us to perform a simple procedure, such as a brush test, to collect cells from a suspicious mouth lesion to be sent to a lab for analysis. A biopsy will be recommended if the test returns atypical or positive.

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