Emergency Dentistry in Phoenix, AZ

Same-Day Emergency Appointment

Emergency Dentistry in Phoenix, AZ

Here at All Smiles Dental Care, we work each day to bring you and your family the best dental care in Phoenix and all surrounding areas.

Dental emergencies that are considered urgent should be addressed immediately, so you should contact your family dentist as soon as possible if you feel you are experiencing an emergency. That being said, it is important to assess how urgently you need care since not all dental emergencies are equally urgent; some will require immediate care, while others can wait for a day or so. Make sure to evaluate accordingly should something occur at a time when your dentists office is closed.

What to do During Dental Emergencies?

In any case, it is important to talk to your dentist quickly so that a treatment plan can be developed that will allow you to return to your normal life as soon as you possibly can. Here at All Smiles Dental Care, we will be able to help with a multitude of dental emergencies, but if you find you are unable to visit your dentist, we advise that you go to an emergency room for any urgent dental issues. As a general rule, if you are having profuse bleeding or unbearable pain, then you should go to the ER.

Some Warning Signs that Might Indicate a Dental Emergency

  • A knocked out or loose permanent tooth
  • Painful swelling
  • Continuous bleeding
  • An injured jaw
  • A severe toothache

At All Smiles Dental Care, we can aid in preventing most of your dental emergencies through regular visits with you. During these visits, we will work with you to develop a plan consisting of proper and consistent oral health habits. Visit us at All Smiles Dental Care to learn more about who we are and what we can provide our patients.

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