Bad Breath/Halitosis in Phoenix, AZ

Bad Breath/Halitosis in Phoenix, AZ

Nothing like old faithful, a stick of gum at the bottom of your pocket or purse that you found after eating that delicious plate of garlic noodles. For some patients though, a simple stick of gum doesn’t do the trick. If you fear you may have chronic bad breath or halitosis the first thing to do is educate yourself on what the exact symptoms of this condition may be. Here are some points to consider if you think you may have chronic bad breath:

Is Bad Breath Normal?

Having bad breath is a normal thing…sometimes. Bad breath is mostly inevitable, especially when you find yourself in a situation where a stick of gum or a quick brushing of the teeth is unattainable. It is important to note that bad breath, when moderate and occasional, is caused by the breakdown of food in the mouth mixed with saliva which aids digestion. Waking up with bad breath is also normal as bacteria builds up in the mouth while you sleep.

How Do I Know If I Have Halitosis?

If your bad breath is chronic or if you find very little instances in which it can be solved, you most likely have halitosis. For example if you suffer from dry mouth, gum disease, acid reflux, respiratory illnesses, or lung problems, these may be direct links to halitosis and pose more serious medical conditions.

Additional Tips to Ensure Your Breath is Fresh Always

As stated above, sometimes having bad breath is inevitable, but there are still certain steps you can take in order to curb the smell so you can still feel confident. Making sure you visit your local Phoenix dentist as often as necessary is key in facilitating fresh breath. Regular visits to the dentist allow you to not only monitor the state of your teeth and mouth, but they also allow consistent contact with your dentist, both of which are valuable to your overall oral health.

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