For many people, they feel as if they are always looking for a dentist in Phoenix. Yet, one of the common obstacles they run into is whether or not if their insurance will be accepted. Yes, some dental practices will accept patients with a widely-recognizable provider, such as Delta Dental, Blue Cross, or some other familiar brand name, but this still excludes a large number of patients with less recognizable insurances. Other times, their insurer simply won’t have certain dentists in their network. Either way, this can be a frustrating matter for a new patient.

Thankfully, All Smiles Dental Care in Phoenix accepts all PPO plans. You don’t have to worry about the prospect of being turned down by our practice for having the wrong insurance company. We will work with them to ensure that you will be covered for whatever your dental needs may be. Whether it’s for the usual checkups or emergency dental care, just know that we will make sure you are covered as much as possible when you become a new patient at All Smiles Dental Care.

How It All Works

When you sign up as a new patient through our practice, you can fill out your insurance information on your initial visit. From there, we will make sure to get as much information as possible through your insurance company so that we can verify that the information is accurate. Once complete, we will know what your policy covers and how much the services you need will cost.

What Else To Know

While we do accept all PPOs, we also double check to make sure that you are eligible for any other insurances. This means that one policy may not cover some of your dental procedures. However, you may be eligible for other insurance plans that can cover whatever procedures your primary policy won’t. It’s all part of making sure that your bases are covered when it comes to your dental care.

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