Your Guide to Eating After Getting Dental Implants

Apr 25, 2022

You lose your natural teeth and decide to replace them with dental implants in Phoenix after your dentist confirms they are the best replacement solutions currently available. In addition, the dentist encourages you to have dental implants stating they permit you to smile and have all the foods you love.

After dental implant surgery, you might wonder what you can have now that you eventually have replacements for the teeth you lost. However, before you grab your favorite T bone steak and some crusty foods, we suggest you read this article for a guide on eating after getting dental implants.

Dentists recommend eating foods or drinking beverages at room temperature for the initial 48 hours following implant placements. Trying to have scorching foods or near freezing foods or drinks can irritate the implant placement site.

Dentists recommend having plenty of liquids following any dental procedure requiring IV sedation or general anesthesia. You must remain adequately hydrated but remember to avoid scorching or freezing liquids. For example, you can have water and clear non-acidic fruit beverages at room temperature. Warm coffee or tea is acceptable without choosing the hot variety. However, you must watch caffeine consumption because it contributes to dehydration.

Foods to Refrain

For the initial few days following dental implant surgery, you will experience tenderness in your gums and jaw. In addition, some procedures might temporarily compromise your chewing ability restricting your desire to eat and resulting in inadequate nutritional intake. The dentist in Phoenix, AZ, recommends eating after dental implant procedures to encourage proper nutrition and post-operative healing. They provide the following guidelines as an essential guide on what to eat or avoid following your dental implant procedure.

Liquid Diet

Milkshakes are also excellent and offer nutritional value. However, you must avoid using a straw because the sucking motion pressurizes the implant site to cause bleeding.

Prime examples of foods to refrain from after getting dental implants include crunchy, sticky, and challenging to chew foods that might interfere with blood clot formation and result in bleeding from the implant site besides causing damage.

Suggested Soft Foods

The dentist in Phoenix recommends an average of 64 ounces of water every day for proper hydration. You can also have smoothies made from raw vegetables by ensuring they are chunk free. An excellent protein source is spinach, which helps with the healing process.

The Phoenix dentist recommends sticking to soft foods and liquids for several days after getting dental implants placed. You can choose several options for their nutritional value and to avoid discomfort.

When going through your recovery, it helps if you avoid some types of foods and liquids. Besides scorching and freezing foods or beverages that cause discomfort and irritation at the implant site, you might also experience inflammation. Dentists expressly recommend you avoid alcohol if you are taking prescription medications such as antibiotics or pain relievers. Alcohol can potentially irritate the dental implant site.

You can also include other soft foods providing nutritional value besides proteins. Experts suggested pasta, applesauce, steamed vegetables, soups, soft fruits, bread without hard crusts, mashed potatoes, soft cheeses, and cooked cereals. You can also have big potatoes, ensuring that you avoid the skin.

You must avoid having foods requiring intensive chewing movements like steaks, pork chops, and hard crust bread. Foods crumbling quickly or having seeds are also best avoided because bits of crushed food can enter the implant site and remain trapped. These situations can result in soreness, inflammation, and infection.

You must ensure you help the healing process by maintaining your intake of proteins. Following dental implant placement, adequate intake of fluids and soft foods and liquids is recommended on the day of the procedure. Adequate nutrition is essential for post-operative recovery and healing. Proteins are helpful to develop and repair body tissues and structures, including your teeth. You can find sufficient protein in foods such as eggs, cooked fish, and smooth peanut butter.

Soreness, inflammation, and infection can disrupt your recovery. You must also refrain from using over-the-counter mouthwash because it has the potential to interfere with your healing. If you think you must use mouthwash, request the Phoenix dentist for a recommendation that they happily provide after getting dental implants.

All Smile Dental Care provides dental implants with adequate instructions on caring for them after implant placement surgery. If you have missing teeth, kindly schedule an appointment with them to replace the missing teeth you lost.

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