Your 2019 Guide to Dental Health

May 26, 2019

Crocked or chipped teeth may act as a defect in your overall smile. This defect which may feel like an aesthete issue may also hinder your overall dental health. When you wish to obtain better smile makeover treatment, get it with an expert dentist at 85018.

Harder to Clean Teeth

Crocked tooth issues are must be treated at the right time because crocked tooth get harder and stuck such that cleaning gets difficult. This makes it difficult to clean the continuous plaque deposit which may further lead to dental health issues.

Greater Risk for Gum Disease

When crooked teeth exist, it may lead to disturbing the structure of teeth. In such cases, gums don’t fit tightly as before and gap start to build up. This is more likely to attract cavity and plaque which can further lead to periodontal disease. It is thus important to obtain crooked teeth treatment with Phoenix dentist.

Likely Culprit of Bad Breath

Bad breath is a common issue faced by many. This may be because of crooked teeth. Even when you brush and floss daily, you can still face bad breadth issues. In such cases, it is always better to obtain a solution for crooked teeth.

More Wear and Tear on the Teeth

In case of a crocked tooth, the tooth is uneven which may lead to rubbing of tooth against each other. This may speed up the wear and tear of your tooth and may lead to thinning of enamel. In such cases, you may obtain crocked teeth treatment with a dentist at Phoenix AZ.

More at Risk for Tooth Injury

In case, you get to dental injuries while playing sports or due to accident, your tooth may get fractured or chipped. This is a dental emergency which requires immediate treatment.

Increases Your Risk for Disease

Crocked teeth do not only affect the overall dental health but it can equally affect overall health. Gum disease may lead to heart diseases, obesity, stroke, etc. In such cases, it is always better to visit Phoenix dentist near you.

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