What should I do before and after oral surgery

What Should I Do Before and After Oral Surgery?

Mar 01, 2022

Oral surgery is a surgery done by oral surgeons on teeth, gums, mouth, and jaw. Although there are many oral surgeries, tooth extraction is the most common. If the patient’s tooth is deeply impacted or badly decayed, a dentist in Phoenix, AZ suggests tooth removal.

The length of oral surgery usually depends on the user type or complexity. The surgeon will discuss it with you during your initial consultation. For all oral surgeries, there is a recovery period. It is essential to follow the instructions properly to prevent complications and optimize the healing process.

How Long Does it Take Your Mouth to Heal After Oral Surgery?

Oral surgery usually gets completed in a single day. Patients get a long list of post-operative instructions. Although the healing process of oral surgery takes a long time, the recovery is quite fast.

Few patients recover completely and return to their normal routine in several days. You can expect to take a rest for a minimum of two days after your surgery. The dentist will recommend you restrict physical activity for 2 to 3 days.

Do You Feel Anything During Oral Surgery?

Same as other surgeries thought of as oral surgery often results in nervousness in the patients. Before your surgery, the surgeon will give you general anesthesia to relax.

You are not required to drink or eat food after midnight (the night before your oral surgery). Then, the surgeon will numb your jaw. You may feel vibrations and hear sounds but not any pain.

Before and After Surgery Tips

Here are the pre and post oral surgery instructions:

What To Do Before Oral Surgery?

1. Read All Instructions Properly

Make sure you carefully read the instructions before your surgery. It includes information associated with anesthesia and how to prepare for it.

2. Tell Your Friend or Family Member to Accompany You

Do not drive your vehicle and reach back home after getting anesthesia. Thus, it’s best to ask someone to take you home.

3. Have Fast 

Avoid drinking or eating anything for a minimum of 8 hours before getting anesthesia.

4. Wear Right Clothes

Wear the right clothing for the procedure. Do not wear a shirt with sleeves because nurses will access your arms to monitor your BP or give an IV.

5. Avoid Smoking and Alcohol Consumption

To improve your oral health, do not consume alcohol or smoke any tobacco product for a minimum of 12 hours before your oral surgery.

6. Get a Proper Good Night Sleep

It is essential to get proper sleep before the procedure.

What To Do After Oral Surgery?

1. Take Rest

Take a rest after your oral surgery. When lying down, keep your head supported with pillows. It will promote proper blood flow to your head while lowering face and mouth swelling.

2. Apply Ice to Face

Using ice on your face helps in reducing swelling. Alternate the process for 15 minutes on and 15 minutes off.

3. Consume Soft Foods

After your mouth stops bleeding, start consuming soft foods and liquids for the first two days after the oral surgery. They include yogurt, soup, mashed potatoes, etc.

4. Take Suggested Medicines

Have your pain medicines as instructed even if you do not yet feel pain.

5. Keep the Treated Area Clean

Although the oral surgeon will advise you to avoid rinsing your mouth for the initial 24 hours, he/she will tell you to maintain a clean mouth after eating food the next day. Rinse with warm salt water at least 4 times a day.

Also, do not floss or brush in the surgical region till your doctors suggest you do so. When you resume it, ensure you do it with gentle care.

6. Have Your Vitamins

Consume healthy foods full of vitamin c and vitamin a. They will help you recover properly and make healing faster after the oral surgery. But avoid extremely hot drinks and foods because they might accidentally burn your mouth.

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