The White Diet After Whitening: What to Eat and What’s Not?

Dec 10, 2022

The drinks and food we take daily causes a significant effect on the shade of our teeth. As you know, our teeth are more prone to staining after teeth whitening treatment in Phoenix. Therefore, make sure you know what to eat or not to eat after the procedure.

Dentist Phoenix AZ suggests patients stick to the white diet so that the whitening results stay for long. It also protects the teeth from staining. Besides drinks and foods, the dental professional tells patients to quit chewing tobacco and cigarette use for a few days. The following useful advice will help you make better drinking and eating decisions over the next 48 hours.

Friendly Foods After Teeth Whitening

Dental professionals at All Smiles Dental Care usually advise patients of teeth whitening to avoid foods that stain teeth for a minimum of 2 to 3 days after the treatment. As per the rule of thumb, any drink or food that can stain your white shirt causes teeth staining.

Below is the list of white foods for anyone that has just finished the procedure:

White Rice

White rice is a perfect food to consume after the procedure.

Egg Whites

If you are an egg lover and have just done the in-office whitening treatment, you can take egg whites. But stay away from the yolk.

Chicken or Turkey

Turkey or chicken is the best meat to consume after teeth whitening. It’s light-colored, acid-free, and healthy.


Choose only white-colored potatoes or mashed peeled off. Avoid sweet potatoes and au gratin-style options.

White Bread

White bread is a great breakfast option to take after the procedure. But make sure you get rid of the crust.


Bananas are healthy food. It does not cause teeth staining.


Pasta is another tooth-friendly food. However, stay away from tomato sauce, green pasta, or other colored sauces.

White Fish

Rather than dark fish, pick white fish species like albacore, Atlantic cod, etc.


Bagel is a great food for a breakfast meal. But consider only butter and cream cheese rather than jellies or jams.

White Yogurt

Choose white yogurt rather than colored one. It’s because it can affect the results of teeth whitening.


If you love a bowl of porridge and add milk, try to use sweetener rather than sugar.


Avoid taking red onion because it can stain your teeth due to its coloring. However, taking white onions is the best option.

White Cheese

You can have the white cheese after the whitening treatment but make sure you do not add wine to this meal.

What to Avoid?

Dark Tea

Dark tea is one such drink to avoid after in-office whitening. Did you know it’s even worse for your teeth’ color, unlike coffee? It is also essential to avoid unsweetened and sweet tea.


Although the intake of white wine does not stain teeth, its acidic nature can weaken the tooth enamel. It makes you highly prone to teeth-staining foods. However, the dark shade and acidity of red wine make it much worse than white wine. Since it’s colored, red wine causes stains on teeth. Therefore, you must restrict your intake of wine immediately after teeth whitening.


If you have a habit of taking cola or other fizzy drinks, quit it immediately after the procedure. Since these beverages are acidic and colored, they can cause staining on the teeth.


If you are a coffee lover, it is crucial to abandon this drink after professional teeth whitening. If you cannot do that, Phoenix dentist recommends taking only two cups a day and trying to add some milk to the coffee.

Dark Fruits

Avoid dark fruits like berries, mainly when they are freshly ripe.

Foods Made with Soy Sauce

Stay away from soy sauce and foods manufactured using it.

Bright-Colored Spices

Avoid paprika, cinnamon, turmeric, and other bright-colored spices because they can stain teeth after an in-office whitening procedure at the dental office near you.

Fruit Juices

Fruit juices are highly acidic and have color. It can contribute to teeth staining. Therefore, you must keep it off.

Sweets and Chocolates

Chocolates and sweets of any type are also things that can contribute hugely to teeth staining.

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