Things that you should know about oral cancer

The Things That You Should Know About Oral Cancer

Sep 01, 2019

It is advised that you should visit your dentist regularly. Dentists can detect oral cancer in its initial stage. Early detection helps in treating cancer within the time frame. Oral cancer comes unannounced, there is nothing you can do to protect yourself from its occurrence. But there are certain groups of people who are more at risk than others. They are ones habituated of consuming alcohol, chewing tobacco or eating betel quid.


Generally, in the early stages, oral cancer shows no sign or symptoms. But dentists advise that if you smoke or drink heavily, you should visit the dentist for a regular dental checkup. The dentist may spot some early signs and prepare for its onset and treatment.

Symptoms are as follows:

  • Red or white colored patches appear on the surface of the tongue
  • You might have mouth sores or ulcers that continue to appear despite the medication
  • You might experience swelling in your mouth that stays longer than 3 weeks despite the medication
  • The lining of the mouth forms a lump or thickens with time
  • It becomes difficult for you to swallow food or gulp down water. You experience pain while swallowing food.
  • Your teeth start loosening up without any specific reason.
  • You experience jaw lock, pain in jaws or stiffness for no apparent reason.
  • You witness sore throat.
  • The voice becomes hoarse and stays so for a long duration.
  • You experience unexpected pain in neck or ear that persists for a long duration.
  • You always feel that something is stuck in your throat.

You need to visit a dentist in 85018 who specializes in treating oral cancer.

During a Screening Test

The screening test for spotting oral cancer involves multiple stages. The phoenix dentist checks the outer and inner area of the mouth for signs of cancer. He checks the lips, gums, roof of the mouth and back of it to find marks or swellings.

Before you visit the dentist for the screening test, clean your mouth thoroughly. This will be helpful to the dentist in detecting any signs or symptoms more accurately. This procedure takes up around five to ten minutes. Since it is for your benefit only, do not skip the screening test at any cost. If your dentist is successful in detecting oral cancer, it will increase your chances of recovery.

When there are Signs of Cancer

In case your dentist comes across something unusual, he will ask you to go for in-depth screening. During in-depth screening, blue dye is applied to the mouth. If a cancer-related cell is present in your mouth, it will absorb the dye. It will catch the attention of your dentist easily. Your dentist might take out a portion of the tissue from the affected area to check the presence of cancerous cells.

In case, you notice a lump or redness in the mouth or the surrounding area, do not make assumptions. All these changes in your mouth or the surrounding area are not indicative of oral cancer all the times. Wait until you receive the result from the laboratory. In, case you are diagnosed with cancer, your dentist will start with the treatment to curb the growth of cancer cells. You can find a dentist in Phoenix, AZ who treats oral cancer. You can also google ‘Oral cancer screenings in Phoenix, AZ, and book an appointment with All Smiles Dental Care.


Treatment of the cancer is dependent upon its location and the stage at which it has been diagnosed. The dentist also considers the general health of the patients and their preferences. At times rather than choosing one specific treatment, dentist opts for mixed treatment to cure the patient.

Surgery: The dentist removes the tumour through surgery. If the tumour is small, minor surgery will do the job. In cases of a large tumour, dentists have to remove tongue or jawbone most of the times.

Radiation Therapy: If you are at an early stage of oral cancer, radiation therapy will suffice. High energy radiation particles are used to destroy the DNA present inside the cells of tumour. This makes them incapable of reproducing themselves.

Chemotherapy: If the dentist feels that cancer might return after some time, he chooses a mixed version of radiation therapy and chemotherapy.
Chemotherapy damages the DNA cells present inside the tumour with the help of medicines.

Oral cancer is a terminal disease that takes the lives of people irrespective of their age. To protect yourself, you need experienced dental professionals. Dentists at All Smiles Dental Care specialize in this field. They provide the best care in town.

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