Sedation Dentistry Can Help with Dental Anxiety: What You Need to Know

Apr 22, 2019

If you’ve been searching for a “dentist near me” that provides sedation dentistry for a pleasant experience at the dentist, you may want to read this article to learn more about the types of sedation that a Phoenix dentist may be able to provide.

Don’t Put Off Important Dental Care

There really is no good reason to put off important dental work. Whether it’s for yourself or a m ember of your family, fear and anxiety should not keep you from maintaining optimum oral health. Apart from having a bright, healthy smile, good oral health practices can also keep certain chronic conditions such as diabetes and heart disease at bay. But, what if you’re afraid to visit the dentist 85018? Then oral sedation – or other forms of sedation dentistry might be the key to better health!

The Three Most Common Types of Sedation Dentistry

Although every patient will be different in their anxiety levels and the types of treatment needing to be performed at a dentist Phoenix AZ, the following are the three most common types used.

  • Local Anesthetic is the most common type of sedation dentistry that patients are most familiar with. In essence, your dental care team will rub a numbing gel onto your gums so there will be no pain from the subsequent anesthetic that is delivered via injection, or the dental procedure itself.
  • Nitrous Oxide is an anesthetic that a patient breathes through a mask – not unlike an oxygen mask. In a matter of moments, patients will begin to experience extreme calm so they’re able to relax during the dental treatment. A plus to this type of sedation dentistry is that the nitrous oxide leaves your system immediately. This means you are free to drive yourself home from the appointment.
  • Oral Sedation is used in patients who may experience high levels of anxiety and benefit from an oral sedative that is prescribed to you and taken prior to your scheduled appointment. The experience will make you relaxed and drowsy during your treatment, and most patients have little recall of the procedure. One drawback to this type of treatment is that it will require that you have a driver to and from your appointment.

Remember: You’ll need to discuss your dental fears and concerns with your dentist in advance of any planned procedure so they can ensure that your goals and expectations are adequately managed.

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