How to Clean Stained Invisalign Trays?

Jul 01, 2022

If you have Invisalign clear aligners to straighten your teeth, you have the flexibility of removing them to maintain proper oral hygiene. However, the aligners remain in your mouth throughout the day and night and will likely develop stains over them during your treatment. Therefore Invisalign aligners also need cleaning every time you remove them from your mouth.

Do not deceive yourself that the disposable Invisalign aligners don’t require any attention. The aligners require cleaning every day, failing which you might have a dirty and smelly set of aligners to wear.

How Often Do Invisalign Aligners Need Cleaning?

You receive Invisalign from the dentist in Phoenix to straighten teeth discreetly without showing off your orthodontic treatment like it is familiar with traditional braces. Unlike conventional braces requiring no maintenance, the aligners from Invisalign, while remaining convenient for use, require cleaning twice a day when you have them in your mouth.

You do not need hot water when cleaning Invisalign trays because the aligners might warp because of high temperatures. However, you can use lukewarm water for the aligners to prevent the accumulation of bacteria on them. The manufacturers recommend soft-bristled toothbrushes and toothpaste for cleaning your Invisalign trays. Before having any foods or beverages, you must remove the aligners from your mouth to prevent staining and damaging the braces. Following the recommended cleaning guidelines help in maintaining Invisalign aligners optimal.

You must clean your Invisalign aligners every time you brush and floss your teeth. Cleaning Invisalign does not take much time requiring merely a few minutes. You can get them in an Invisalign cleanser and gently brush them using toothpaste. You can also use Invisalign cleaning crystals that are available for this purpose.

How to Remove Yellow Stains from Invisalign?

Your Invisalign aligners might appear yellow if you don’t brush your teeth before putting your aligners on or drinking excessive coffee, tea, juice, wine, and pigmented beverages. Invisalign requires brushing after every meal or having drinks without the aligners in your mouth. If you neglect to brush your teeth and the aligners after having the beverages described, yellowing of teeth becomes evident. Therefore every time you want to have any foods or drinks other than water, you must brush your teeth or at least rinse your mouth before wearing your aligners to prevent the yellow stains.

Can You Bleach Invisalign Trays?

You might develop stains on Invisalign trays if you are addicted to coffee or tea or do not maintain appropriate dental hygiene. You can clean stained Invisalign aligners using hydrogen peroxide and water in addition to soap and water. Hydrogen peroxide is a bleaching ingredient helpful for teeth whitening.

You can combine warm water with hydrogen peroxide in a small bowl to Invisalign by soaking the aligners in the water for some time. Removing any buildup and discoloration from the trays using a toothbrush is not challenging.

Invisalign Cleaning Accessories

When you begin your teeth straightening treatment from Invisalign Phoenix, the provider recommends using cleaning accessories from Invisalign to maintain your aligners. The manufacturers of Invisalign sell a Steraligner product with ingredients including sodium bicarbonate, rubbing alcohol, a natural antiseptic. When cleaning your aligners, you merely need to soak them in the Steraligner tray for three minutes before rinsing the sterilizing solution and brushing your trays with warm water.

You can also purchase cleaning crystals available from Invisalign to soak your aligners. The cleaning crystals contain cleansing ingredients with sodium sulfate. The elements are similar to products used for cleaning retainers, not denture cleansers. If you want an inexpensive and accessible alternative for cleaning your aligners, the products marketed by Invisalign are an excellent option.

How to Care Best for Your Aligners?

You must follow the best practices recommended by your Invisalign provider for your aligners to keep them clean and free from bacteria. Some examples include the following:

  • When eating, remove the aligners because food particles can remain trapped in the aligners to damage them and render them ineffective.
  • Refrain from having beverages other than water with the aligners over your teeth. You increase the risk of staining and damaging the aligners with such practices.
  • Do not use scorching water to clean Invisalign trays.
  • When you are not using the aligners, store them in an airtight container to prevent the likelihood of losing them and protect the aligners from bacteria.

Using the practices suggested can help keep your aligners clean and make your treatment effective.

All Smiles Dental Care providers of Invisalign in Phoenix offer appropriate instructions on preventing staining of Invisalign aligners and cleaning them for you to continue a discreet alternative for teeth straightening. If you want to have Invisalign over your teeth, kindly schedule an appointment with this practice today to begin your journey to having straighter teeth.

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