How to Choose the Suitable Teeth Straightening Treatment Option?

Nov 20, 2022

If you are disappointed with the formation of your teeth because they are crowded, crooked, have spaces between them, or protruding, you might desire to have straighter teeth without the challenges you encounter. While you might have information that orthodontic treatments can help with teeth straightening, you might confront challenges when deciding which treatment is best suited for your particular situation.

You can notice your teeth and their position by looking at your mouth in the mirror. However, can you determine which treatment is suitable for straightening your teeth? Orthodontic treatments undoubtedly help straighten teeth to give you a beautiful smile. However, you cannot choose which treatment you want unless you visit the dentist in Phoenix, AZ, to evaluate your condition and receive recommendations for a therapy that doesn’t merely straighten teeth but also repositions your jaw if required.

What Can You Expect During Your Appointment With The Dental Professional?

During your appointment with the Phoenix dentist, expect the professional to examine your teeth to determine the complexity of your situation. Dentists providing orthodontic treatment want to ensure they deliver an effective remedy to help you overcome the problem you confront. Besides helping straighten teeth, the dentist also tries to eliminate the infections affecting you because you cannot clean your teeth appropriately without receiving treatment to reposition your teeth.

Do not expect overnight results with the treatment offered by the dentist. Instead, expect the complexity of the situation affecting you to determine how long you must have the orthodontic braces or safe and affordable aligners over your teeth before they reposition into their appropriate positions. In addition, expect some restrictions you must adhere to or follow throughout the duration of your treatment if you desire to straighten your teeth and have a beautiful smile.

Which orthodontic appliance will you get to straighten your teeth?

Here again, the complexity of the situation affecting you determines whether you can have treatment with metal brackets and wires mounted on your teeth or might successfully reposition your teeth with aligners customized for them comfortably. If you are lucky to have mild to moderate dental complications, you can benefit from the clear aligner therapy to straighten teeth with plastic braces instead of metal brackets and wires. In addition, clear aligners permit you to remove them for eating, maintaining excellent dental hygiene while they gradually straighten your teeth faster than metal brackets and wires. Unfortunately, if a complicated situation affects your teeth, the dental offices recommend you find traditional metal brackets and wires beneficial to give you the straighter teeth you desire with a beautiful smile to complement it. Therefore before you decide on the treatment you would like, you must discuss your situation with the Phoenix dental professional before determining the treatment best suited for your needs.

Do Dental Professionals Guarantee Treatments to Straighten Teeth?

Dental professionals guarantee your teeth will reposition as desired so long as you follow their instructions and care for the orthodontic appliances on your teeth. Although therapy with clear aligners is comfortable, it requires you to wear the aligners over your teeth for the better part of the day and night. In addition, the removable feature of the therapy shouldn’t encourage you to move around without the virtually invisible braces over your teeth. However, if you receive metal brackets and wires mounted on your teeth, these are not removable and remain in your mouth throughout your treatment. Therefore you must decide on a treatment recommended by the dentist instead of choosing a therapy that you feel is more comfortable than the other.

What Happens After You Succeed with Your Treatment

After succeeding with your treatment, do not expect freedom from the orthodontic appliances because the dentist suggests you must wear retainers over your teeth indefinitely to ensure your teeth don’t shift back to their original positions, which they can do within a week after completing your treatment. Therefore, you must adhere to the dentist’s instructions to ensure your treatment doesn’t relapse, leaving you with crooked and crowded teeth and an unappealing smile to require treatment again.

If you make efforts to straighten your teeth by choosing suitable teeth straightening option must ensure your teeth stay in their new positions by following your dentist’s instructions because it helps you immensely by preventing infections in your mouth, allowing you to maintain proper dental hygiene, and show off a smile with pride.

All Smiles Dental Center provides treatment for straightening teeth with metal brackets or safe and affordable aligners if they suit your needs. If you want to improve your teeth’ positions, get help from this practice to enjoy a beautiful smile.

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