How Soon After Receiving Dental Implants Can I Exercise?

Sep 01, 2022

Dental implants can restore your smile to its former glory. Missing teeth mess up a beautiful smile and make it difficult to enjoy everyday life. Speaking, chewing, appearance, and oral health will be gravely affected when you have missing pearly whites. So, getting tooth implants is always an awesome idea.

However, right after the dental implant surgery, you need to be cautious and follow the aftercare instructions to ensure that you don’t develop any complications. You might need to alter your daily habits to aid your healing. If you are the active type, then you must be wondering how soon you can get back to exercise. You’ve come to the right place. Continue reading as we unpack exercising as it relates to your healing.

What Happens If You Exercise Immediately After Implant Placement?

Immediately after getting your implant, you might get tempted to get on with your life. However, our dentist near you may caution against going down this road. You might need to put it off for some days.

Remember that you have undergone a minor surgery, and you will feel pain, soreness, and discomfort a few days later. Since it is a form of localized trauma, your body will require a few days of rest to jumpstart healing.

Even simple workouts could cause some physical shock leading to pain and discomfort. Moreover, physical activity could slow down healing.

As you already know, physical activity elevates the heart rate. So, when the heart begins to beat faster, your blood will move much quicker throughout the body. Therefore, you can expect postoperative bleeding, discomfort, and swelling. In other words, you will cause yourself unnecessary pain, discomfort, and complications.

How to Know When You Can Resume Exercising

We cannot deny that everyone’s unique. That means people will heal differently; others may get back on their feet after a few days, while others may take much longer. The timeline depends on different factors, such as the complexity of your case, the number of implants inserted, and your body’s healing process.

Giving yourself three to five days before returning to workouts is always much safer. But the secret is always to start slowly and watch how your body responds during the workouts. If you don’t notice any unexpected swelling or bleeding a few days after exercising, then you can gradually increase the intensity of your workout routines.

Another thing that you might also consider is the type of sport you participate in or the workouts you wish to do.

Which Exercises Are Safe After Dental Implant Surgery?

Let’s look at some of the guidelines that might help you as you begin to resume your normal workout routine. But we still insist that you need to consult with our dentist near you before doing anything.

  • Running and Jogging

These are non-contact sports, meaning there is little risk of damaging the implant. However, this doesn’t give you the green light to get in full swing. Hard running will cause physical shock that can impact your implant, leading to pain and discomfort. So, you should start walking as you progress to gentle jogging before you get to your norm.

  • Swimming

Swimming is an excellent way to get your body active after the treatment. The water gives you the perfect environment to work out while causing little stress to your dental implant. However, you must be careful in a public pool since one accidental blow by an errant elbow or arm could land you in our office.

  • Football

There’s a lot of contact when you are playing football. Therefore, your implant is always at risk, and there could be complications that could be detrimental to your oral health. We recommend that you don’t play football for a while.

  • Boxing and Similar Sports

The risk here is almost, if not 100%. There is constant contact with the face, which could lead to implant failure. So, you risk a lot when participating in these sports.

We might not cover every sport and workout, but remember that you need to consult before taking the lunge.

Can I Drink Alcohol After Dental Implants?

If you would love to unwind with friends and take a bottle or two for the road, you might wonder if this could harm your implants. However, we recommend that you wait for at least 72 hours before drinking alcohol, here’s why:

  • It interferes with how your bone and implant fuse
  • It causes dry mouth
  • It increases discomfort
  • Heavy drinking affects the long-term health of your implants

Once the healing is complete, you can enjoy a bottle or two of beer. Remember, moderation is key.

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