How Shortly After Tooth Extraction Can You Have an Implant?

Aug 20, 2022

When recommended tooth extraction near you, your most significant concern considers how the removal impacts your smile without concentrating on other aspects of tooth removal. You worry about how to prevent the embarrassment from the tooth extraction and leave the dentist’s office without considering a discussion on tooth replacement solutions.

Dental implants are excellent substitutes to replace your missing tooth root and function as a stable base for your artificial tooth. You can also request the dentist treating you to replace your extracted tooth with these prosthetics that help provide a replacement for life. However, dental implant placement requires prior planning and consideration of your dental health if you want to have them as replacements for the extracted tooth. Therefore you must discuss getting dental implants soon after receiving tooth extraction treatment to enable the dentist to examine your dental health to determine whether you have adequate jawbone to assess your suitability for getting dental implants soon after having a tooth extracted.

Can Dental Implants Be Placed in One Day?

The dental implant placement procedure is undoubtedly intensive, but significant time is needed to recover after getting the implant placed into your jawbone. The implant placement process requires a couple of hours per tooth and the dentist offering dental implants in Phoenix completes the placement by giving you local anesthesia and sedation.

Whether you want to have dental implants placed in one of the multiple edentulous tooth sockets, the dentist completes the procedure on the same day and allows you to return home. However, if you want an implant in the extraction site immediately after tooth removal, you must plan for the procedure ahead of time to enable your dentist to evaluate your gums and medical history before proceeding with implant placement.

Generally, dental implant placement requires your tooth socket to heal after extraction, which requires approximately three months. If you have an inadequate jawbone, the dentist might suggest bone grafting soon after tooth extraction to ensure you are not affected by jawbone resorption. Bone grafting surgery needs three to six months to recover to provide your implant with a stable base to function as your natural tooth. If you plan in advance and permit the dentist to complete the additional procedure, you can have the dental implant approximately three months after tooth removal. However, if you neglect planning, you might have to wait longer before you can get a replacement for your natural tooth.

What Happens If You Don’t Get an Implant after Tooth Extraction?

You become a victim of the consequences of tooth loss if you cannot get dental implants immediately after tooth extraction. For example, your remaining teeth start drifting towards the edentulous gap left by the extracted tooth to cause bite misalignment that might need orthodontic treatment later. In addition, your misaligned teeth and the vacant gap become a prominent place for food particles to remain trapped and bacteria to enjoy themselves, creating infections like tooth decay and gum disease.

In addition, the lack of appropriate biting compels you to swallow large chunks of food, making you prone to indigestion to require treatments from different medical professionals. Most importantly, your jawbone starts deteriorating to give you a sagging appearance making you look older. The consequences of tooth loss, whether from injuries or extraction, expose you to all of the above, making it essential to seek a replacement immediately after tooth removal.

After Tooth Removal, What Are Your Options for Replacements?

We understand your concerns about the impact of tooth extraction whenever recommended by the dentist. However, planning is crucial before having dental implants. As you were unaware of the consequences of losing a tooth, the optimal alternative for you for a dental implant is getting dental bridges with an artificial tooth between them created from dental-grade acrylic to close the gap between your teeth. The temporary restoration will help avoid the consequences of tooth loss as you wait for your jawbone to recover after tooth extraction.

If you make your intentions clear to your dentist, the professional will prepare you for implant placement by completing any additional procedures needed soon after extracting your tooth to expedite dental implant placement within 90 days after tooth removal. Therefore soon after receiving a recommendation for removing one or more teeth, you must inform your dentist about your intention of replacing the teeth with dental implants to prepare yourself for the treatment and getting lifelike natural-looking teeth as soon as possible.

If you intend to replace your mission tooth with dental implants, All Smile Dental Care helps you prepare for the treatment after recommending tooth extractions for reasons like gum disease, infections, et cetera. The preparation helps you receive dental implants to substitute your natural teeth with a solution considered the gold standard for replacing missing teeth.

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