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Cosmetic Dentistry at Your Doorstep

Oct 01, 2019

While the traditional General Dentistry helps in improving oral hygiene by preventing or treating the oral disease, Cosmetic dentistry does all of these along with improving the appearance of your mouth, teeth and smile. A lot of factors are considered such as the width of the smile, nose position and lip line before a dentist recommend the correct solution for a perfect smile. To provide the best services, All Smiles Dental Care, upgrade their system and methods to provide you Cosmetic Dentistry in Phoenix, AZ.

The procedures include braces, crowns, veneers etc. and are befittingly provided by a general dentist but at times he/she may guide you to an Orthodontic or Prosthodontics surgeon if the need arises. Sometimes to achieve a cosmetic method for rectifying a smile, restorative dentistry is also used in the form of a dental implant or crowns.

Chipped, uneven or yellow stained teeth are a concern and hence the need for cosmetic dentist arises. The procedures included under cosmetic dentistry are:

    • Teeth Whitening: This is one of the most commonly sought after method. It is used to remove stains and discoloration from the teeth with the use of bleaching method and giving it a more whitened look. However this method is applicable only on the enamel of a natural tooth and thus, any implant or filling can look a different shade when whitening is done on the teeth.
    • Bonding: Slight discoloration or small chipping issue can be resolved with the help of bonding treatment. Tooth-colored putty is moulded in the form of the particular need and used to fill in the chipped area or the holes or the cavity affected areas. Though it may last for a few years, it might come off easily in some cases and needs to be reaffixed by a dentist.
    • Contouring: It is used to reshape a patients’ tooth or teeth. For this process, strong and good oral health is required as it may use laser technology for reshaping the tooth. This process can alter the shape, size or the position of the tooth. It can be used with the bonding technique as well. This method is used by people who have crooked teeth or alignment problem or unshapely teeth. Once the process is done, the teeth are polished to give it a new shiny look.
    • Veneers: This method is used for frontals where porcelain-based or plastic material covers are placed on the tooth. They are customized as per the shape of the particular tooth and cemented, thus providing a more permanent change than whitening or bonding. However, these can’t sustain heavy pressures and might break easily and so are useful for front teeth only where the amount of pressure is comparatively less. It is a sought after method for the celebrities for correction of a smile.

How to choose the perfect Cosmetic Dentist in Phoenix near You?

Cosmetic Dentistry due to its popularity has become an affordable treatment. However, there are certain factors that you should consider before choosing the right dentist.

  • Professionalism: Most dentists are capable of performing cosmetic dentistry. But the efficient ones must have acquired advanced training and so before visiting, you must enquire about the area of speciality, the experience and the methods the dentist uses before visiting him/her.
  • Services provided: Before booking an appointment, make sure that all the services required by you, are provided under the same roof as outsourcing certain services may lengthen the duration of your treatment.
  • Proofs: You should not hesitate in asking for one’s experience in terms of real images before the treatment and after to ensure the desired result.
  • Reviews: One should always look for the reviews given by the patients for a certain dentist before booking an appointment. A dentist will always vouch for his work but the reality can be found only through his patients.

So if you are a resident and looking for Dentist in Phoenix, AZ or are looking for an efficient Dentist in 85018, visit All Smiles Dental Care for complete care of your teeth.

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