Can Sedation Dentistry Relax You?

Jul 01, 2020

Have you compromised your oral health lately just because of the fear of visiting a dentist? You are not alone. Most people actively avoid the dental office because of dental phobia, and some only visit the dentist when there is something wrong—which is most cases the dental problem is well advanced.

However, with modern dental technology, dental treatments are bearable. Today, we have tools and medication that can relax you, and dental sedation is the perfect one.

What is Sedation Dentistry?

Dental sedation uses different forms of medication to relax you before and during dental procedures. Our dentist will give you drugs to control the pain and make you comfortable, especially if you are undergoing a complicated dental process.

Most dentists can administer laughing gas and oral sedation. However, only a minimum percentage of dentists can use more sophisticated techniques and administer IV and deep sedation. We use a general anesthesia dentist as he is trained to give all levels of anesthesia.

Before being put on medication, our dentist will examine your teeth and gums and discuss your overall health, history of allergies, and the type of sedation dentistry to be used.

Different Types of Sedation Dentistry

Several types of sedation dentistry and our dentist will recommend the best method that suits you.

  • Nitrous oxide also termed as inhaled minimal sedation or “laughing gas.” A nose mask is used to infuse a combination of nitrous oxide and oxygen gas to relax you. Laughing gas sedation allows the dentist can monitor the dosage of gas to give. Nitrous oxide takes effect fast and wears off as quickly, allowing you to resume normal activities immediately.
  • Oral or pill sedation involves the use of a tablet. You will take a prescribed dose before the procedure or as advised by the dentist. The medicine reduces activities in the brain cells and nerves hence reducing fear and anxiety. The sedation may be minimal or moderate, and although you can fall asleep during the procedure, you are easily awakened by a shake. Oral sedation dentistry in Phoenix is administered easily and safely.
  • IV sedation is given through your vein. The iv sedation works instantly and allows the doctor to adjust the level of sedation where necessary. IV sedation does not cause deep sleep, but you will be unaware of the procedure.
  • General anesthesia is used to cause unconsciousness and is used in complex dental procedures such as impacted teeth extraction.

When Is Sedation Dentistry Used?

Our dentist may decide to use dental sedation because of the following reasons;

  • Phobia of the dental procedure
  • Severe tooth sensitivity
  • Overactive gag reflex
  • Complex dental procedure
  • You are resistance to local anesthetic
  • You have an unpleasant dental experience in the past
  • Unable to sit still during the dental procedure

How Safe Is Sedation?

Sedation is used for both adults and children. Children can also be anxious or refuse to cooperate during a dental visit. Dentists usually use Nitrous oxide on children because it is safe. The dentist calculates the dosage based on your child’s weight and age.

Regardless of age, it’s crucial to inform our dentist of an existing health condition, if any and if on medication. All this will guide the doctor to make an informed decision if you are the right candidate for sedation.

Dental sedation is safe; however, a few side effects may occur, such as:

  • Drowsiness
  • Headache
  • Low blood pressure
  • Feeling sick
  • Loss of memory
  • Feeling heaviness
  • Loss of memory

The side effects occur in different severity depending on the type of sedation used. Fortunately, these problems are easily resolved without medication. Additionally, Our dentist will take the necessary precaution to prevent any side effects. If necessary, they prescribe medication to ease the side effects if they occur.

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