Tips for Healthier Smile

5 Simple and Effective Tips for a Healthier Smile

Nov 09, 2021

A healthy and beautiful will always make a statement. It is a symbol of excellent oral health and overall wellbeing. However, to attain such a smile is not for the faint-hearted since it is a lifelong journey, with no off days. But, the reward of proper dental care far outweighs the minor inconvenience of brushing and flossing each day.

Teeth are sturdy and were built to last an entire lifetime. But, you need to find ways of strengthening your teeth, lest you find yourself losing your pearly whites even before you get to your sunset years!

Therefore, our dentist has some pointers that might help you enjoy your teeth for a long time, and they are:

1. Maintain Excellent Oral Hygiene

A healthy smile comes with many perks, including excellent aesthetics, disease, and bacteria-free teeth, standard teeth functionality, etc. However, to attain this kind of smile, you need to develop the habit of keeping your oral cavity clean each day.

Therefore, you need to brush and floss after enjoying your meals. It is best if you can clean your teeth thrice a day. But if this is not possible, cleaning them twice a day will still do the trick.

Brushing your teeth is one thing, but are you doing it right? Gum disease and tooth decay may occur not because you are not religiously cleaning your teeth but that you may not have the correct technique.

So, take your time, and don’t skim through the process. Our dentist recommends that you take at least two minutes to ensure that every tooth surface has been covered. Also, how you angle the toothbrush matters; therefore, hold it at a 45-degree angle to ensure that you have removed food debris from the gumline. Remember to move the brush in circular motions.

Your teeth have five surfaces, and brushing will only clean three of the surfaces. This is why flossing your teeth is essential. Flossing will clean those tight spaces between your teeth that a toothbrush cannot reach.

Also, don’t forget to use a good mouthwash. Mouthwashes can kill germs, freshen your breath, and ensure that your teeth are plaque-free. However, you use a mouthwash after brushing and flossing your teeth. Mouthwashes are not substitutes for brushing and flossing, but they are used together.

2. Invest In the Right Dental Equipment

For you to attain the desirable results, you need to invest in the proper dental equipment. So, when you go to your local store, purchase a soft-bristled toothbrush; you can pick an electric or manual one. Plus, be mindful of the shape since toothbrushes have different shapes. Therefore, you need to look for the one that will clean all of your teeth.

You will also need to get floss pick or dental floss, whichever is applicable in your case. Also, remember to pick an excellent mouthwash.

3. Drink Lots of Water

Do you drink water regularly? Remember, when you are dehydrated, saliva production will be affected. This is because up to 99% of saliva is constituted of water. So, you need to keep the saliva levels high in the mouth since it helps wash away plaque and maintain the hard and soft tissues. Also, you may have bad breath because of a dry mouth.

4. Consume Tooth-Friendly Foods

Your oral health is affected by what you consume. Therefore, be wary of sugary treats that can cause plaque build-up and tooth caries. It is best to focus on fruits, which have far better health benefits than sugary treats. However, if you need to indulge in some sugary stuff, try to eat them during meals and in moderation. Then, remember to brush your teeth afterward.

Also, stock foods rich in vitamin C and calcium since they can strengthen your teeth and gums.

5. Visit Our Dentist Regularly

A stunning smile cannot be attained without regular dental visits. You can visit us after every six months for checkups, cleanings, and even oral cancer screening.
Don’t let dental issues, such as toothaches, get you to our dentist’s office. Always strive to be on the preventive side, and you can save yourself from complications.

Let Us Help

The tips listed above can help keep your smile healthier. Therefore, if you have any dental issues or desire to schedule an appointment, contact us at All Smiles Dental Care.

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